DVD Coop



Support materials for Coop members. 


First here are the Bag Lists of the DVD’s.

 complete bag lists 2019


If you are missing your list from the bags you can print new ones from here.

This will also help to keep the lists easier to read.

Here is the Coop Route:


Printable version: samroute2019

The SAM DVD Coop (est. 2004) buys and shares a DVD collection which rotates among member libraries.  The collection includes award-winning, independent, international films, documentaries and series.  Link to participating libraries. DVD Coordinator: Cathy Vincevic of Gordon Nash, New Hampton.

General Policies

  • New members make a start-up donation of on a sliding scale of $50-200, based on library size.
  • Members pay annual dues of $50 for new DVD purchases.
  • Selections include award-winning, independent, international feature films, documentaries and series.
  • Bags rotate rotate bimonthly, on the last ILL pick-up on the month.
  • Rotation months: January, March, May, July, September, and November.


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