DVD Coop members



Coop Chair is Cathy Vincevic 744-8061 gordonnash@metrocast.net

Ashland Public Library.. 
Sara Weinberg.  968-7928 ashlandlibrary@roadrunner.com

Holderness Public Library
Jackie Heath. 968-7066.  holdernesslibrary@roadrunner.com

Belmont Public Library.   
Eileen Gilbert . 267-8331. bpl@worldpath.net

Northfield, Hall Memorial Library
Brittany Moore. 286-8971 hallmemo@metrocast.net

Sanbornton Public Library.
Martha Borwell. 286-8288   spl2@metrocast.net

Campton Public Library.  Susanna Bounopa
726-4877.  camptonpubliclibrary@gmail.com

Warren, Joseph Patch Library. 
Veronica Mueller. 764-9072   jpatchlibrary@yahoo.com

New Hampton, Gordon Nash Library. 
Cathy Vincevic 744-8061 gordonnash@metrocast.net

Danbury, Geo. Gamble Library
Linda Olmsted. 783-3765  georgegamblelibrary@comcast.net

Alexandria, Haynes Library.
Nancy Butler. 744-6528  nancybutler77@yahoo.com

Hebron Public Library. 
Robin Orr.  745-7998  hebronlibrary@metrocast.net

Center Harbor, Nichols Library.
Allen Jon Kinnaman. 253-6950. nicholsl@metrocast.net

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